Dynastic Order of Saint Mariam

Contact:   tel: +55-61-99245-6327 / e: info@do-sm.com

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Who we are and what we do

About DOSM 

Introduction to the Dynastic Order of Saint Mariam

The Dynastic Order of Saint Mariam (DOSM), is a kingdom without territory, yet we are the roof of the world, thus carrying out the complete and important mission of filling the gaps that exist. We are completing the dialectics, ideas, feelings, thoughts and understandings for actually creating a New Heaven and a New Earth.

The life of Jesus Christ not only had Mother Mary, but his beloved Mary as well; showing the strength and balance of two: divine masculine and divine feminine, not only balanced from within, but from the outer experience with unconditional love.

The Dynastic Order of Saint Mariam is about the ancestral bloodline of this amazing family and the compassion, dedication, and unconditional love that Christ’s Light left within the heart and soul of every living thing on our Heavenly Mother Earth. By Christ’s Light, we are talking about the spiritual archetypal quality that is endowed within each and every human being living today. DOSM is about rekindling that Christ-Conscious quality within us all.

Ministers of the Government of DOSM

As much as The Dynastic Order of Saint Mariam is a guiding Kingdom more than a government, delegation of duties will remain in the hands of Ministry’, as referred to by DOSM as “in service to the people, or the children of God, all life, land, air and water”.

Ambassadors of DOSM

Knowing that transitional national administrative organizations / governments will continue to exist, DOSM will have Ambassadors in each national jurisdiction on earth, to act as liaisons.

Restructuring the administration and distribution of funding for comfort of all people, and projects that do no harm, will take many conscious individuals with focus and integrity.

Should you feel called as a DOSM Ambassador, please contact us soon, as national representatives continue to appear.