Dynastic Order of Saint Mariam

Contact:   tel: +55-61-99245-6327 / e: info@do-sm.com

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Philanthropy at its best

Funding for and by DOSM 

Initial contracts are autographed and delivered for DOSM Kingdom and Project development funding based on Mother Earth’s precious treasure and resources. And as the world reels from years of credit based funding while the illusion of debt remained, the truth of abundance will flow through the banking system with currency never seen in history.

2022 will not only balance the man made “books”, but will also balance the divine feminine/masculine nature of civilization with DOSM guiding the way. 

No philanthropic entrepreneur will be denied an appearance by our ministry in charge of funding and we are here to assure donors that we have spent many years finding people and organizations committed to lead and manage projects that benefit all. In the meantime, setting aside the fear based ownership and speculative mentality that diverted the attention of people of wealth for many years.

Wealth in all aspects of society contrasts from aristocratic ancient assets, to resource based accounts held in private platform trades. Truth and integrity will always come first with DOSM projects with Gods Law of Do No Harm nor Cause Loss at the foundation. Now that the world has awakened to the truth of abundance, our goal at DOSM is simply to share, in as logical and natural means as possible.


Donations and Contributions can be made to DOSM via TAO Energy foundation.

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