Dynastic Order of Saint Mariam

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Affectionate to the needs of children

Introducing House Affection

House Affection (Afeto: Portuguese) was conceived to have several units in each country. With a holistic, modern and multi-disciplinary vision, we created an educational environment where children who have been neglected by their families can live together, as well as children who have parents and have a family nucleus, who can live together. The orphaned children and young people will be able to live in the affectionate house. With a structure divided into pavilions by age group, they will be able to deprive all the comfort with cosy environments like a mother’s house. In the structure of the affection houses, in addition to balanced food, leisure spaces, children and young people will have a high level of education, in addition to psychological, medical, and physical therapy assistance. And they may have access to occupational therapies and alternative therapies such as:

° Ballet ° martial arts ° languages ° music ° interpretation ° riding ° cooking ° bakery ° gardening ° crafts ° paintings on canvas, fabric and wood, and ° agricultural basis for different cultures.

All this in a beautiful environment in each of our standard units in each place that will be installed. Seeking to give an education of excellence and comfort, we will have a library, computer room, in each unit, we will have a room to tell children’s stories and fairy tales in each unit, regathering the playful in each heart and beautiful in the heart of each child.