Dynastic Order of Saint Mariam

Contact:   tel: +55-61-99245-6327 / e: info@do-sm.com

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Making connections, relationships and contacts

Welcome to our member’s area

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When the wide swath of victimhood “pathy’s” like apathy, sympathy and empathy; or the fear based man made constructs of investment and speculation are no longer resonating with you, and the narrow path of Christ-Consciousness and potential are, DOSM is here now; for you and with you.

Humanity needs leaders like you! Members who ask what they can do for their land and the life on that land; which includes the people of course.

Giving does not have to include “money”, while we will never deny Philanthropy (please visit our Funding Page). Members of DOSM have, and continue to step on the path where suppression, limitations and fears fade away. While Peace, Harmony, Love, Abundance and Sovereign Freedom reign for humanity, all life and the very Land Air , and Water we share. Simple Natural Godly Law.

Come and co-create with us…