Dynastic Order of Saint Mariam

Contact:   tel: +55-61-99245-6327 / e: info@do-sm.com

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We work with various groups and organisations

Together we can achieve more 

Along with the world being amazed when the Monastic Royal Saint Mariam bloodlines of the new King and Queen of the Dynastic Order of Saint Mariam are officially and publicly announced, the truth of existing monetary abundance will accompany this revealing.

Many keepers of ancient asset backed accounts are coming forward to heal many years of deceptive and manipulative banking practices in the legal jurisdiction, world government realms. Asset and Resource backed accounts blocked and off ledger in the banking system far exceed known credit based banking “assets” or any corporate government or private property that exists without debt, truly owed to the people. And much more precious “treasure” remains, in raw and refined forms in the veins of Mother Earth that no banking system to date could be trusted to administer.

No assay offices, no safe keeping receipts, just precious metals, stones and even AUthentic manifests and AUtographed AGreements with true value to mankind – in private “keepers” possession.

DOSM is far from the only organization on earth aware of these truths and it is time for other aware sovereign groups and families to join in partnership, to surpass the suppression of knowledge, wisdom, and abundance, and to move humanity into our inevitable new Golden Age, balanced with Mother Nature.

Partnerships are manifesting daily as organizations align “with” DOSM to supply comfort to all children of God on our heavenly Mother Earth, and help us fund private NGO, NPO projects alluded to on our funding page that “Do No Harm”.

Please feel free to share how your organization or private group would envision a partnership with DOSM by contacting us today. Contact