Dynastic Order of Saint Mariam

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Meeting the needs of humanity

DOSM’s Activity Profile


The Dynastic Order of St. Mary (DOSM), is a kingdom without territory. We are the roof of the world, carrying out the complete and important mission of filling the gaps that exist, and thus completing the dialectics, ideas, feelings, thoughts, understandings for actually create a New Heaven and a New Earth.

With dedication, precision, in full harmony and with love, we work through a network of volunteers that make up more than a huge and blessed global network around the world, but mainly we work in the true spirit of brotherhood. We have unlimited opportunities as active members of our kingdom and DOSM citizens, great personalities in the world in all areas. Our networks of individuals and groups are beings of light who can understand and work with their due gifts, academic backgrounds, and with their talents, to change the attitudes and hearts of each individual in each country. Our goal is with preserving and pursuing the making of a new Earth, with full environmental, behavioural awareness, and imprinting the sensitive changes in attitudes, feelings and understanding. Our fundamental human rights and sovereignty are necessary for true justice, harmony and peace on Earth to act, so that we can serenely integrate with the whole sky and the wonder of the Creator’s Universe.

The Dynastic Order Of Saint Mariam (DOSM) Works with concepts of meritocracy and establishes the degrees of distinction at a hierarchical level within the diplomatic units that are being established in all countries of the so-called world, in the terrestrial environment.

We bring differentials from projects and programs, which show our induction to the convergence of establishments of differentials on Earth.

We have below some of our projects described to exemplify our activities:

The Andromeda Light Cities Project

The Dynastic Order Of Saint Mariam (DOSM) will implement model cities of Andromeda. With correct concepts of vision and environmental responsibility, Andromeda cities will be cities with improved concepts of terrestrial life, where all functions and professions will have the same blessed relevance in the social concept, generating peace, love, understanding and harmony. Non-violent communication is one of the basic concepts that every Andromeda city will have. The cities will be fully adapted to this new concept and way of life on Earth.

With the fundamental perspective of development and support in a broad aspect, in order to detect the needs of each Andromeda city in each country. Andromeda cities will be the true model of self-sustainable economic development with a social profile adapted to envision the maximum potential for development, job generation, generation of educational systems that provide education with the same quality, regardless of creed, social status or race. DOSM’s mission is to promote and encourage new technologies and to promote health, social well-being and the true and honest conception of life, emphasizing the divine nature of each individual. We encourage new ways of thinking, including spreading and promoting family love, respect and unconditional love. We will be preparing the earth for the millennium. And this situation involves organizing and rescuing essential human values ​​and making a great effort to educate this new land.


DOSM Inc. will be the legal personality of the DOSM country. DOSM Inc. will be responsible for commercial establishments such as technological, associative or commercial Joint Venture Agreements (JVAs). It will function as a holding company and will carry out the analyses in the countries that sign the conventions with the country’s DOSM. DOSM Inc. will be responsible for analysing the competencies in each country, will propose the formation of businesses and organize the structures for the formation of these companies and new businesses, and will provide investment and partnership opportunities. DOSM Inc. will carry out sociological analysis of each country and organize the full powers. DOSM Inc. will be responsible for the creation, construction and corporate institutional management of the DOSM country.

The Royal House DOSM

The activities of the Royal House DOSM should be directed towards humanitarian and diplomatic actions in support of countries with agreements with the country of the Dynastic Order Of Saint Mariam.

The main objectives, since the DOSM is a democratic monarchy, are the objectives of establishing projects to support children and adolescents. Under the seal of the Royal House DOSM, it will be as if, in the case of children or mothers at risk, or women at risk, they were adopted by the Royal House, in the form of subsistence. These children still be with their families, but they will participate in the programs and projects established for DOSM citizens spread all over, all countries of the world.

DOSM’s House of Love and Affection brings the opportunity for children to be educated at the highest level of education by taking secular classes and free courses in an environment specially prepared for our children and young people . They will be able to grow and learn by example:
• Ballet
• Martial Arts and the concept of Defence, Concentration and Respect.
• languages
• Horsemanship
• Swimming
• Visual arts
• Music, singing, interpretation
• Gardening
• vegetable garden cultivation
• gastronomic
• oratory

Schools will be adapted to have full day shifts, or boarding schools for children who do not have families. Children and young people will have educational, psychological, medical, dental support, all in the same environment.

Needs Program

The Needs Program includes a Provisional Home that will provide children and teenagers, far from family life, with a differentiated atmosphere of love and community, where welcoming environments will be offered, with all practical, educational and psychological support.

Centre of Excellence

Sheltering is a measure of “special protection” provided for in the Child and Adolescent Statute (ECA) and defined as “provisional and exceptional”. In this program of needs, we consider centres with 20 beds/cots each. We will be able to create a more organic horizontal deployment, or stacking on some floors, depending on the terrain. The architectural proposal will take into account:
• safety of children and adolescents
• large recreational terraces
• adequate acoustics
• input of natural light and adequate overhang
• indoor gardens
• main facades on the south and west sides
• surroundings, accessibility, topography and terrain visuals
• conditions and characteristics of the terrain
• prevailing winds and natural and cross ventilation
• climate conditions
• thermal comfort and energy efficiency
• flexibility in the composition of future extensions
• sustainability in the reduction of water and energy consumption
• healthiness in material specification
• reuse of rainwater
• among others.